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Bear Grylls Has Joined the GOODFISH Countercurrent

One of the world’s most widely known faces of survival and outdoor adventure Bear Grylls has joined Justin Guilbert, Douglas Riboud, and Errol Schweizer at GOODFISH, the brand that developed and delivered a whole new category of sustainable seafood. The Emmy-award nominee and star of National Geographic’s “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” and Discovery Channel’s “Man vs. Wild” is on a mission to help GOODFISH spread education and awareness of preserving the ocean’s vital fisheries and ecosystems.

What GOODFISH is doing is so desperately needed in the world of ecological, healthy snack, nutrition. With incredible innovation for good health and great sustainability, GOODFISH is rethinking the snack and chip market, in terms of good fat and protein sources, and contributing to making the fishing industry much more environmentally friendly. It’s a genius pioneering endeavor with such huge potential and they taste amazing,” said GOODFISH co-founder Bear Grylls.

Bear and GOODFISH share the belief that understanding and connecting with the planet’s global food systems is critical to preserving the ecosystem. This common ambition is fueling the partnership with a foundation of ethos, not economics, and a mission to grow fast, strong, and with integrity to deliver on the mission.

Known for its nutrient-dense, crispy 100% traceable Wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon skin chips, GOODFISH is more than a product; it is a thriving, pioneering world-changing initiative designed to preserve and demonstrate the worth of wild caught seafood through upcycling exceptional salmon from the world’s most regulated, sustainable fisheries in Bristol Bay, Alaska. GOODFISH reclaims highly nutritious Wild Sockeye salmon skins that would otherwise go unused by turning them into delicious crispy snacks for the consumer to enjoy. The brand has already upcycled 238,611 pounds of salmon skin since March 2020.

“We believe that integrating thriving sustainable wild fisheries within the surging functional snack industry is mission-critical, from better nutrition to scaled conservation. Having Bear by our side significantly amplifies and strengthens our growth, which means our impact,” said GOODFISH co-founder Douglas Riboud. “Together we are pioneering a modern generation of seafood products aligned with the lifestyle, values, and culture of today’s consumer.”

Connecting with the planet’s global food systems is critical to preserving fragile ecosystems. Bear embodies a commitment to both appreciate and preserve the planet’s wilderness, as his iconic charisma has shown millions the thrilling experience of the wild and the dire need to protect it. The addition of Bear to the GOODFISH team amplifies the company’s exposure as it experiences rapid growth across all distribution channels online and off, and positioning toward scale for tangible impact.

Born into the highly consumer-feedback tuned Amazon and DTC ecosystem, GOODFISH used the platform to iterate and develop its product. After a year of collaborative development with its pioneering customers, GOODFISH launched version 2.0 in April. “Our latest product iteration is the direct outcome of eight months of transparent, candid, and constructive criticism to help us establish an entire new category in the snack world. We chose to listen to and work with our audience and bet on its desire to help develop better products. We owe the thousands of customers that participated a big thanks. We make our product with them, for them – transparently,” said GOODFISH co-founder Justin Guilbert.

“We’re on a mission to deliver an entirely new vision around sustainable wild seafood – this requires exceptional partners that not only have a major audience but most importantly embody the ethos of wilderness conservation and stewardship that guides us. Bear is all this and more. He walks the talk, and we’re thrilled to have him on this journey,” Justin added. “We found the final missing piece in the founding team. Bear is a globally respected brand who lives and breathes what we stand for, and we are committed to delivering on our promise.”

With only 80 calories per serving, zero carbs, and 10g of clean protein, GOODFISH skins are a complete brain and body snack filled with omega-3’s and marine collagen. The taste and health benefits of salmon have been widely known in coastal communities for centuries. Importantly, the skin of a salmon is not only considered a protein and flavor-rich delicacy – it also contains the highest concentration of omega-3 fatty acids on the fish.

“We are stoked to join forces with Bear Grylls. Bear’s leadership and advocacy are the perfect platform to amplify our mission of healthy and delicious upcycled salmon snacks and advocating for the fisheries, communities, and ecosystems that salmon are such a vital part of,” said GOODFISH co-founder Errol Schweizer.


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