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MIFB Collaborates with Trustana to Facilitate Cross-Border Trade Digitally via Trustana’s B2B Trade Platform

Constellar Exhibitions Malaysia announced a collaboration with Trustana, a curated cross-border B2B trade platform founded by Temasek, to provide buyers with a trusted digital platform to transact safely and seamlessly as part of the Malaysian International Food & Beverage Trade Fair (MIFB). The collaboration will allow buyers in the region to place orders for the products showcased at the MIFB directly on Trustana’s platform.

While at the virtual trade fair, buyers who are keen on the products can now complete trades via Trustana’s platform, which will include end-to-end capabilities such as order placement, payment and cross-border fulfillment. In addition, orders will be aggregated by Trustana so that small and medium enterprise (SME) buyers who may not be able to meet certain minimum order quantities (MOQs) are still able to purchase the goods. This allows retailers and merchandisers who are keen to bring new products to their customers in a low-risk manner, while allowing brand manufacturers to produce batches at a cost-effective scale.

MIFB is an annual trade event organised by Constellar Exhibitions Malaysia that was started in 1999. It held its 21st edition last month in a virtual-only format due to the pandemic.

Trustana is headquartered in Singapore, with a hub in Shanghai, China. Trustana provides end-to-end trade support services including cross-border payments, transaction fulfilment, and shipping and logistics services.

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