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Yunji Announces Launch of New Private Label Qingziyang Probiotics Beverage

Yunji Inc., a leading membership-based social e-commerce platform, today announced the launch of its private label Qingziyang (“the Brand”) brand probiotics bolus solid beverage. The Beverage, with winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Dr. Randy W. Schekman as honorary chief scientific adviser, was an immediate bestseller, as customers purchased 55,000 boxes in only forty seconds.

Qingziyang develops healthy and nutritious food for women and has partnered with leading companies in the probiotics industry, including IFF, a global leader in value-added ingredients, Wecare, a high-tech probiotics producer, and Yuanyi, a provider of robotics and automated production equipment, to jointly develop and produce the Beverage. The Brand utilizes cutting-edge preservation technology to ensure that the Beverage’s six strains of patented probiotics can be effectively absorbed by the human body, helping restore the gut’s natural balance of bacteria and improving digestive health. Yunji leverages its supply chain capabilities to ensure the safety of the Beverage, which is produced in a sterile environment on an automated production line.

Shanglue Xiao, Founder and CEO of Yunji, commented, “As an extension to our existing range of megahit products with billions of sales per year, the successful launch of the probiotic Beverage is further evidence of the success of our strategy of cultivating megahit products across all categories. Biotechnology is one of the industries of the future, and we are committed to further developing our capabilities so as to continue to deliver healthy and nutritious products to consumers. We all look forward to seeing Qingziyang become a leading force in the evolution of the health industry.”


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