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Vitasoy Donates Over 100,000 Beverages to Support Fire Services Department’s Anti-Epidemic Frontline Team

Vitasoy has always been committed to providing the public with nutritious and tasty plant-based products. During the pandemic period, Vitasoy has been supporting all walks of life, including underprivileged families, cleaning workers and frontline workers, through local non-profit charity organizations. Vitasoy hopes that the public can stay strong and healthy to fight against the epidemic.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Hong Kong Fire Services Department has been dedicated to supporting the frontline relief work and assisting in picking up patients with confirmed infection, contributing to the protection of the lives and health of the citizens. In appreciation of their tireless efforts, Vitasoy will donate more than 100,000 Vitasoy products, including VITASOY soy milk products, VITA lemon tea drinks and VITA distilled water to support the frontline teams and their endeavour through this challenging time.


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