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Vinamilk Successfully Debuts Organic Milk at Shanghai’s Global Food Trade Show

Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk) successfully debuted its organic milk product at the 2021 FHC Global Food Trade Show in Shanghai. The product received overwhelming interests with numerous orders on the first day of the event.

This organic fresh milk product not only meets the organic standard in China but has also fulfilled EU Organic standard, providing a high-quality choice for the Chinese market. At the same time, Vinamilk also unveiled its skimmed and pasteurized fresh milk at the Shanghai show. These new products mark the brand’s first export of fresh milk, including organic milk to China.

“The demand for organic dairy products has been gaining a lot of attention in many Asia countries, including China recently. Chinese consumers are more health conscious and constantly looking for new product choices that are not only made from the best ingredients but also have added value. Therefore, we believe the Vinamilk organic milk range is the high-quality nutrition source that will fulfill consumers’ need,” said Vo Trung Hieu, Director of International Business at Vinamilk.

Vinamilk’s fresh milk product line will be available on both online and offline channels of the Jingdong in Shanghai. E-commerce channels for these products will also be made available soon.

“Consumers here are willing to spend more on products that are nutritious and healthy. Therefore, we expect the China and European Union certified organic milk products produced by Vinamilk, with its delicious and natural taste, to be well-received by consumers,” said Ms. Lucy Lu, senior representative of Vinamilk’s business partner in China.

Vinamilk commits to the quality of its organic line

The largest Vietnam dairy producer officially launched its brand in China in 2019 with several products that have become favorites among local consumers such as yogurt, plant-based milk, and condensed milk.

Vinamilk decided to expand its portfolio after noting an increase in demand for organic products with the Chinese organic milk market value reaching US$ 1,158 million in 2020. In providing organic milk products, the dairy producer has ensured they comply strictly with both China and EU Organic standards.

“To provide additional reassurance and transparency of our products to consumers, each product includes an “Organic” seal and a unique serial number for traceability and quality management, in line with the strict Chinese standards,” added Vo.

Apart from China, global consumers are also becoming more health-conscious. Currently exporting to 56 countries regions, Vinamilk is taking steps to cater to consumers’ changing demands. The company is exporting a wide range of new developed healthy products such as organic milk and fresh milk containing bird’s nest to Singapore, condensed coconut milk to Japan and plant-based milk to South Korea.

To ensure a steady production, Vinamilk has continuously expanded its operations and facilities. This includes inaugurating the first EU-certified organic dairy farm in Vietnam in 2017, to supply the highest-quality raw material for organic milk products. The raw milk supply will also be supplemented by Vinamilk’s organic dairy farm complex in Laos, which will begin operation in early 2022. With the long-term investment for organic farms, this organic dairy product line will be one of Vinamilk’s main focuses in both domestic & export markets.


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