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UNLIMEAT’s Plant-Based Teriyaki Rice Bowls Now Served at Hong Kong’s IKEA Stores

UNLIMEAT, the popular brand of plant-based meat, has announced that it is launching a dish incorporating its plant-based meat at all Hong Kong IKEA branches starting on April 22 to celebrate Earth Day.

The plant-based Teriyaki beef with rice uses UNLIMEAT Slice, the company’s most popular product. The vegetarian donburi dish has a rich umami flavor emphasized by the sweet and salty teriyaki sauce covering the tender, meaty “vegetarian beef” slices and the accompanying onions, carrots, and other fresh vegetables.

Earth Day first began on April 22, 1970, after an oil spill occurred in Santa Barbara, California. The Earth Day manifesto was announced the same day, and the event has continued annually since then. The Korean government established its own Climate Change Week and has actively celebrated it since 2009, and many nations and organizations around the world have come together to participate in the annual event. The launch of UNLIMEAT’s “Plant-based Teriyaki Beef Rice” at all IKEA branches in Hong Kong is in line with this commitment to the environment. IKEA’s plant-based meat menu shows how people can maintain their eating habits while taking action to reduce humanity’s harmful impact on the Earth’s environment.

Choosing plant-based meat leads to a 95% reduction in carbon emissions when compared to regular beef. When you enjoy a tasty plant-based meat rice bowl, know that you are also helping preserve Earth’s environment. An UNLIMEAT representative commented, “Our plant-based teriyaki beef IKEA stores provides vegetarians and consumers who want to be more environmentally conscious with delicious food that is truly beneficial for the Earth’s environment. We hope everyone enjoys healthier and more sustainable eating habits with UNLIMEAT’s plant-based meat at all Hong Kong IKEA stores.”


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