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The Korea Ginseng Association Announced 2022 Yeongju World Punggi Ginseng Expo

The Korea Ginseng Association announced the date for “2022 Yeongju World Punggi Ginseng Expo”, an event that can raise awareness of Korean Ginseng’s outstanding benefits.

The expo, hosted by the city government of Yeongju and Yeongju World Punggi Ginseng Expo Organizing Committee, and sponsored by The Korea Ginseng Association, will be held for 24 days from 9/30/2022-10/23/2022 at Punggi Ginseng Culture Pop-up park, Yeongju, South Korea.

The slogan for 2022 Yeongju World Punggi Ginseng Expo is “Ginseng, open the future, embrace the world”. The event will offer exhibition, performance, event, tourism (Hallyu, medical) and trading/business opportunities and more.

This expo has three themes: the value of ginseng’s vitality, the value of ginseng’s humanity, and the value of ginseng’s industry of the future. The expo will allow visitors to experience the value of Korean ginseng through diverse activities.

Korean Ginseng has been traditionally known as the best health functional food and was coveted by the ancestors of Korea since ancient times. Its functional effects documented by scientific papers include detoxification, mental relaxation, antipyretic, antidiabetic, anti-fatigue, and anti-stress effects.

The ‘Health Functional Food Code’ published by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety lists functionalities of Korean ginseng as the following: improved immunity, improved fatigue. In addition, it notes that it may help to improve blood flow, memory, liver health, and antioxidant effects.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is the national governing body in charge of public safety administration related to health functional foods, pharmaceuticals, narcotics, cosmetics, quasi-drugs, and medical devices. Its decisions are informed by scientific evidence and expertises.

Ban Sang-bae, the president of the Korea Ginseng Association, emphasized the benefits of Korean ginseng: “We expect that the 2022 Yeongju World Punggi Ginseng Expo will serve as an opportunity to bolster Korea’s pride as the homeland of ginseng. Korean ginseng’s many health benefits has been recognized as a functional ingredient for improving liver health by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. The number of officially recognized categories has increased to four.”


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