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Sustainability Platform abillion Announces the World’s 10 Best Vegan Burgers 2022, Determined by Global Consumers

abillion, the peer-to-peer social commerce app focused on sustainability, has released its awards for the World’s 10 Best Vegan Burgers for 2022. abillion’s awards are based on over 2 million consumer reviews of vegan products on the abillion app.

The 10 winning vegan burgers were determined by evaluating over 27,000 reviews of 2,964 vegan burger products from abillion members in 75 countries, posted from July 2021 to June 2022. Amongst the 75 countries, abillion found that consumption of vegan burgers was highest amongst members in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Coming in first among the world’s 10 best vegan burgers is Granarolo’s Unconventional Burger. Granarolo is one of Italy’s leading food companies, founded in 1957 and based in Bologna. In March 2020, during the pandemic, Granarolo launched Unconventional Burger. Within a few months, Unconventional Burger became one of the five most successful brands for the company.

“This is my favorite burger pattie. I like the texture more than any other fake meat burgers. I prepared them on the grill and they were very crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside,” says @essemme, an abillion member from Italy.

“We feel deeply honored by this recognition, and we thank everyone for the trust in our Unconventional Burger. In the coming months, we plan to make Unconventional Burger more widely available in Europe and the UK. We are also expanding the range with Unconventional sausage, fillet and cutlet: always plant-based and surprisingly good,” says Marco Martino, CEO of Unconventional.

Also, from Italy, Kioene’s ‘Burger Broccoli & Kale’ came in second, while the best vegan burger from the United States is Beyond Meat’s ‘Beyond Burger’, which also comes in third globally.

The World’s 10 Best Vegan Burgers 2022:

  • Burger 100% Vegetale (Unconventional, Italy)
  • Burger Broccoli & Kale (Kioene, Italy)
  • Beyond Burger (Beyond Meat, USA)
  • Burgers Originali (Heura Foods, Spain)
  • V-Burger (Fior Di Natura, Italy)
  • Fantastic Burger (Vegamo, Italy)
  • Mini Burger con Ceci e Avena (Vemondo, Germany)
  • Hamburguesas De Soja (Vegetalex, Argentina)
  • Sensational Burger (Garden Gourmet, Switzerland)
  • Impossible Burger Patties (Impossible Foods, USA)

Globally, consumer interest for plant-based meat in 2022 has increased by 150% over 2021, and abillion forecasts the plant-based meat market to grow at a CAGR of 30% versus 1% for the meat market, showing significant outperformance and growth potential for plant-based meats.

“The demand for innovative plant-based products is rapidly growing around the world. Consumers of all ages are embracing plant-based meats as products that are better for them and better for the planet. With more than 450,000 products and growing, abillion helps people discover the best products based on authentic consumer feedback on the abillion app,” says Vikas Garg, founder & CEO of abillion.


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