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Sophie’s BioNutrients Enters Forbes Asia’s 100 to Watch List

Sophie’s Bionutrients, a next-generation sustainable urban food production technology company, has been named to Forbes Asia’s inaugural 100 to Watch List. Published on August 9, the Forbes Asia 100 to Watch list spotlights notable startups on the rise across the Asia Pacific region.

The final 100 was selected from over 900 submissions from the region’s accelerators, incubators, SME advocacy organizations, universities, and venture capitalists.

The first microalgae-based food tech company selected by Forbes Asia

Sophie’s BioNutrients is the world’s first food tech company to use microalgae and patent-pending technologies to develop 100% plant-based and sustainable alternative protein.

The Forbes Asia 100 to Watch List chose the food tech startup for its efforts in creating alternatives to meat and milk and its goal to turn profitable within three years amid growing demand for its microalgae-based products in Europe and North America.

Eugene Wang, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Sophie’s BioNutrients, said, “Lists like 100 to Watch prove that solving the world’s most pressing issues and business growth are not mutely exclusive. We are elated to be chosen by Forbes Asia and hope this demonstrates that investing in sustainability is simply good business,” he added.

Microalgae: the superfood of the future

Sophie’s Bionutrients believes microalgae — the mother of all animal and plant life — is the superfood of the future for its versatility, nutritional value, lack of allergens and impressive scalability for mass production.

Using only 0.02 hectares of land and three days, Sophie’s BioNutrients can harvest a tonne of microalgae protein concentrate to be used to develop a variety of meat and seafood-free alternatives to food and beverages.

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