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PlantX and Portfolio Coffee Launch New E-commerce Website

PlantX Life Inc. is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Portfolio Coffee Inc., has launched a new Canadian e-commerce platform aiming to reflect the Company’s ongoing rebranding efforts in line with its expansion strategy.

Portfolio Coffee’s new e-commerce platform under the new domain,, emulates PlantX’s rebranding efforts to holistically modernize the identity of its subsidiaries in a way that echoes PlantX’s core values of quality and innovation. The new e-commerce strategy, which offers a user-friendly and interactive online shopping experience, is aimed to forward Portfolio Coffee’s mission of helping its customers to (re)discover coffee by offering farm-to-cup fresh, direct-trade coffee sourced from renowned farms around the world and roasted in Canada.

The decision to launch the new e-commerce platform was driven by the impact of PlantX’s previous efforts to rebrand its wholly-owned subsidiary, Little West, LLC. After implementing PlantX’s e-commerce strategy to launch its new website in April 2021, Little West has experienced growth for the 12 months after its website rebrand, compared to the 12 months prior to the rebrand. The favorable impact of the new e-commerce design is visible in Little West’s month-to-month revenue growth in March 2022, compared to March 2021, when Little West reported revenues of $53,296 and $21,797, respectively, reflecting a revenue increase of 145%. Additionally, compared to March 2021, the average order value and the number of online store visits for March 2022 increased by 16% and 136%, respectively.

“We know from various market research reports that e-commerce website designs are paramount in fostering customer loyalty and boosting brand awareness,” said PlantX CEO, Lorne Rapkin. “Almost 60% of all online consumers prioritize website design as the primary factor when judging a business’s credibility, 75% of consumers evaluate their opinion of an e-commerce service based on its website design alone,2 and almost 90% of online shoppers are more likely to return to a website if they have a good online user experience.3 These are just a few considerations that informed our decision to heavily invest in an e-commerce design strategy that can help PlantX and its subsidiary companies propel e-commerce impact. Needless to say, we are looking forward to experiencing the multifaceted ways in which the PlantX signature website design will help Portfolio Coffee expand.”


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