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Plant-Powered Food Brand ZENB Expands Leadership and Accelerates Plans to Innovate Plant-Based Food Industry

As consumers continue to look for alternative meal plans that ensure a healthier lifestyle and contribute towards a healthier planet, ZENB, a direct-to-consumer, plant-powered brand is giving people a new understanding of just what plants can do. With seasoned brand storyteller Hugo Pérez appointed as Vice President of Marketing, ZENB is looking to carve out a leadership position in the plant-based food industry over the next 3 years, relying on a robust pipeline of products being developed with the idea that the whole plant has a lot to offer.

Pérez’s appointment comes on the precipice of several product launches later this year for a variety of mealtime & snacking occasions. Dedicated to offering plant-based foods that are more delicious and accessible for a range of lifestyles, the innovations include expanding the brand’s existing footprint in the pasta and sauce categories, as well as enticing new flavor profiles for tasty & nutritious, on-the-go snacks.

“Here at ZENB, we are continuously reinvigorating and broadening our product offerings with a focus on offering nuanced, delicious flavor profiles that are desired by today’s discerning consumer while maintaining the healthy goodness offered by the whole plant,” said Taichi Sakabe, COO of ZENB U.S., Inc. “With a pipeline of new product launches and a powerful mission, we are delighted to have Hugo join our impassioned team as an experienced storyteller and hybrid marketer to make our connection to consumers even stronger and expand our commitment to be a part of all meal occasions.”

ZENB has already established a solid foundation in the plant-based sector with its existing product lines. In its second year of U.S. operations, the brand launched its popular single-ingredient pasta made from 100% whole yellow peas in November 2020, then swiftly expanded into the adjacent category in April 2021 with the launch of its chef-inspired Gourmet Pasta Sauce. With the introduction of these products, the company has seen a 26% period over period increase in sales, indicating an expanded interest from consumers and category investment from ZENB.

“I am thrilled to join the trailblazing team at ZENB to inspire more people to taste, feel and see what plants can do – for themselves and the planet,” said Hugo Pérez, Vice President of Marketing of ZENB U.S., Inc. “Our unique whole-plant approach to plant-based foods at ZENB will unlock new ways for people to experience plant-powered goodness with more flavor, nutrition and concern for the environment. It’s an exciting time for ZENB as we continue to push the boundaries and challenge expectations.”

Pérez will lead the team’s integrated marketing and creative approach to expand awareness and impact of the brand through various campaigns and activations that will reinforce the taste, health and respect for nature that drive the development of ZENB products.

Before joining ZENB, Pérez worked in a global marketing role for food powerhouse Mars, Inc, where he participated in the development and launch of several products. He also previously served as the creative marketing lead on impactful campaigns for well-known brands Starbucks, Taco Bell, Frito-Lay, Turtle Wax, Cricket Wireless, Allstate, MTV, and AT&T, among many others. Pérez is a passionate multicultural marketer, a pioneer in the influencer and digital marketing spaces, and a highly engaged mentor for the next generation of storytellers. He will leverage his diverse skillset to expand upon ZENB’s narrative, create a stronger emotional connection with consumers and highlight the brand as a category leader in the plant-based foods space.


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