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NEXT MEATS and Van Gelder Sign Exclusive Distribution Contract

NEXT MEATS Co., Ltd. a Japanese subsidiary of NEXT MEATS Holdings, Inc. (OTC Market in the US listed corporation as “NXMH”) Tokyo based food-tech venture company and Dr. FOODS Co., Ltd. a group company of NEXT MEATS Co., Ltd. hosted the exclusive tasting event with Van Gelder (Founded in Netherlands in 1953), inviting Bidfood (Shareholder Van Gelder) and Van der Valk Hotel in Netherlands for the mutual distribution of its products in European Markets.

At Van Gelder’s HQ in Ridderkerk, Netherlands, the executive chef of NEXT MEATS Co., Ltd. prepared 8 course vegan meals using the newest non-GMO soybean protein based alternative meats product named “Next Short Rib 2.0” and “Next Tuna” (Products of NEXT MEATS Co., Ltd.) along with “Vegan Foie Gras” and “Vegan Caviar” (Products of Dr. FOODS Co., Ltd.) finished up with “NEXT Ice Cream” as the vegan desert by demonstrating delectable versatility of the products. There were over 30 participants for this event including the owner, top management, and executive chefs of Van der Valk Hotel (The largest Dutch hospitality chain operates over 80 hotels in EU), and Bidfood (International broad-line foodservice conglomerate, listed on the JSE, South Africa).

Followed by this event, NEXT MEATS Co., Ltd. and Van Gelder sighed the exclusive distribution contract which enable them to start importing MEXT MEATS products from Japan, and selling in European markets starting from April 2023, having Bidfood and Van der Valk Hotel as the first customers. This is a major milestone for our group companies as it makes our entrée into European markets with “Next Short Rib 2.0”.



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