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MyLaksa on a Mission to Empower Local Entrepreneurs Through Licensing Package Programme that will Enable Them to Tap into RM103 Bil F&B Industry

Malaysia’s food and beverage (F&B) industry is booming, unfazed by an unprecedented pandemic, the industry has gone from strength to strength and has been valued at over RM103 bil with projected growth rates of more than 7.6%. Simultaneously, more and more Malaysians have begun to gravitate toward entrepreneurship, finding greater freedom and potential in running their own business rather than sticking with the corporate rat race.

As someone who was once in the same position, Daniel Ong, MyLaksa Co-Founder and Managing Director, is only too familiar with this desire and yet he is acutely aware of the challenges that lie ahead as well. “The appeal of starting your own business is obvious yet at the same time, the hurdles are real and daunting – especially in the F&B line. Getting your finances in place, choosing the right type of business, finding the perfect location, perfecting the recipes, training your staff, and integrating the right tech are just some of the steps. It is no easy feat and that is why globally more than 20% of businesses fail within the first year.”

Recognising this gap in the market and realising that he was in a position to help bridge it, Daniel and his team at MyLaksa have introduced a new Licensing Package that has been specifically designed to welcome novice entrepreneurs. MyLaksa has developed a framework and business structure that provides inexperienced entrepreneurs with the opportunity to invest and build their businesses with minimal hassle by creating a simple and easy process equipped with a strong support system that can help guide them on their entrepreneurial journey.

A Guided Experience – From Set-up & Beyond

“We know that there are many out there looking to venture into the F&B industry – whether it be because of their passion for food or their ability to recognise the huge market potential. Yet most of these entrepreneurs may not have the necessary industry know-how and that is where we come in. Our new Licensing Programme is designed to be as simple and guided as possible. Our team and experts will be there every step of the way – not just in the set-up of the new outlet but well beyond that too, ensuring that new entrepreneurs have the best chance of success and to make their food and entrepreneurial dreams come true,” Daniel added.

Each new licensee will receive the company’s assistance on matters about product innovation, food development and menu expansion. Details including location scouting, points of sale set up and inventory management will all fall under the purview of the MyLaksa headquarters further simplifying the experience. Additionally rigorous training will be provided on matters relating to kitchen operations and food management.

The MyLaksa Licensing Programme has already seen many entrepreneurs realise their dreams by opening up MyLaksa outlets. While still at an early stage, these licensees have already experienced preliminary levels of success thanks to the guided programme, realising one’s dreams in the food and beverage industry has never been simpler or more attainable.

“In unity we find strength. MyLaksa has proven itself in the mission to establish the taste of unity as its goals for growth and expansion closely follow this principle. This is an ideal place for anyone looking to become a part of an established local brand that offers strong HQ support – right from day one to well beyond the set-up,” Ms Farah the owner of the MyLaksa Lake Fields outlet at Sungai Besi said about her experience participating in the MyLaksa Licensing Package programme.

Currently, MyLaksa offers two different options within the licensing programme. Investors have the option of opening a MyLaksa Express outlet that offers customers the convenience to grab their food with minimal hassle or a full-scale model that is family-friendly and offers a more wholesome and conventional experience. MyLaksa’s Licensing Packages start from RM99,000.

“I knew very early on that MyLaksa was the right choice for me. First the food – local dishes have incredible future potential especially when position as fast food that Malaysians can indulge in whenever they want. However I was equally inspired by the journey of the founder Daniel – hurdling his hardships to create an exciting and successful brand was already impressive but to then be able to create a system that helps other achieve similar dreams was the cherry on the cake or should I say the mint leaves on the laksa,” said Law Chee Han, owner at MyLaksa, Jitra, Kedah.

Since its inception in 2019, MyLaksa has established outlets in over 17 different locations across 9 states with more outlets to come soon. With over 4 million bowls of Penang Asam Laksa served MyLaksa has cemented its position as the deliverer of authentic Penang flavours across state borders.


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