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Mushroom Tech Comes to CES 2022

Just when you thought you had seen it all, mushroom tech makes its debut at CES 2022. MycoTechnology, the company behind this mushroom fermentation technology, takes what mushrooms do in nature and applies their unique abilities to make foods healthier, more accessible, and affordable.

“As the population grows, the future of food will look quite different than it does today. Many of the challenges that we face will be solved by using mushrooms in new and interesting ways,” said Alan Hahn CEO and Co-Founder of MycoTechnology, Inc. “Today we use the intelligence of nature to enable food companies to bring new choices to people worldwide. And we are working tirelessly to create a food system that is more accessible and affordable for more people, helping to move the needle towards better health around the globe.”

MycoTechnology, Inc., was founded in 2013 and has since commercialized three mushroom-tech food ingredients that are currently being used across industry by variety of innovative food and beverage companies. These ingredients are enabling new products in plant-based meat and dairy, functional food and beverages, and beyond. MycoTechnology is also announcing the launch of their consumer brand Goodside Foods, which makes one of its flagship commercial ingredients available to everyone. MycoTechnology will be featuring a range of delicious foods created by its culinary team using their unique ingredients. Visit them at booth 53753 in the food tech pavilion where they will showcase the endless potential of their proprietary mushroom technology.

From High Tech to Food Tech Founders Story
Alan Hahn, CEO and Co-Founder of MycoTechnology started his career in the high-tech world but was lured to mushroom tech after being diagnosed as a Type II diabetic. “When I was first diagnosed, I remember the doctor pulling me aside and telling me, this is how you are going to live your life, if it tastes good don’t eat it, and if it tastes bad eat it. I remember thinking that there had to be a better way to live. Once I heard about and tasted what mushroom tech could do, I was 110% in. I quickly left the world of high tech for this new world of mushroom tech and now we are working with some of the biggest food companies from around the world, helping them make foods that are not only good for you but also taste amazing.”

How Mushrooms Work in Nature
In nature, mushrooms help detoxify the forest and keep our ecosystems healthy. When a tree dies, the mushrooms work to recycle it and give its nutrients back to other plants. If the environment ever becomes unbalanced, the mushrooms clean up the toxins and bring stability back to the forest. Mushrooms are such incredibly good recyclers that they can even clean up oil spills, plastic waste, and radiation.

How Mushroom Tech Works in Food
MycoTechnology harnesses what mushrooms already do in nature and applies these unique abilities to solve food industry challenges. Companies looking to mimic animal products with plant-based ingredients run into challenges with flavor, aroma, and functionality. MycoTechnology discovered that fermenting plant-based protein with the “roots” of mushrooms – known as mycelia – improves the ingredient by “cleaning up” problematic compounds, just like they do in nature. The undesirable earthy flavors and aromas are reduced, making it easier to create a more desirable flavor. Of equal importance, the mushroom fermentation also unlocks valuable nutrition and functional properties that are often missing from plant-based foods.

MycoTechnology is continuing to discover other novel ways to access the untapped potential of mushrooms to create superior food and beverage products. One such successful commercialized innovation was the discovery of a mushroom extract that limits the perception of bitter taste. This ingredient when used in small quantities, enables foods to use nutritional and functional ingredients that have health benefits without all the negative flavors that often come with them – spanning from natural sweeteners, plant protein, CBD’s and more.

What MycoTechnology will be showing at CES 2022
MycoTechnology will be showcasing a variety of delicious foods at CES to let people experience mushroom tech firsthand. They will be demonstrating the endless possibilities that mushrooms can provide when their amazing properties are harnessed. More information about each of the recipes are available in the Digital Media Kit.


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