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Milk-On-Tap @ Jaya Grocer Sparks New Urban Lifestyle Trend

Farm Fresh Milk-On-Tap @ Jaya Grocer, a pioneering initiative by Malaysia’s leading lifestyle fresh market brand, has been such a hit with customers that it has become a new urban shopping trend with people driving from other neighbourhoods to the Kiara 163 outlet for it.

This led Jaya Grocer to expand this facility to three more outlets at Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang, Starling Mall in Petaling Jaya and Intermark Mall here.

“We’re happy to announce that this much-sought-after Farm Fresh Milk-On-Tap facility is now available at these three outlets with more to come,” said Jaya Grocer CEO Adelene Foo.

She explained these three locations were short-listed after on-ground observation revealed that shoppers in these areas would welcome this new concept and that Farm Fresh was able to deliver every day.

“Moving forward, we would like to hear from our customers in other areas if they would like to have Farm Fresh Milk-On-Tap at their neighbourhood Jaya Grocer. So please tell us through our social media channels,” she said.

Consumers who wished to have this facility at their local outlet are requested to post “I want Farm Fresh Milk-On-Tap @ Jaya Grocer XYZ” with XYZ being their preferred location. They can respond through Facebook at or Instagram at The Jaya Grocer operations team will monitor and collate the requests for further action.

This trail-blazing trend was conceptualised to create more sustainability awareness and to reduce the use of single-use plastics. It has also transformed the way urban shoppers consume fresh milk and has increasingly become an urban lifestyle movement. 

“We’re thrilled and humbled by the tremendous response resulting in over 50,000 bottles of milk sold at Mont’ Kiara 163 outlet already. That means 50,000 fewer plastic bottles at the landfills,” Adelene said.

On this successful collaboration, Farm Fresh Group Managing Director & Group CEO Loi Tuan Ee said: “Through this partnership, we are excited to offer a long term eco-friendly option of enjoying Farm Fresh milk in re-usable glass bottles.”

“We are happy to continue supporting Jaya Grocer and delivering fresh milk straight from the farm to these four outlets and more, as and when these locations are decided upon based on consumer feedback,” Loi said.

Through this “Farm Fresh Milk-On-Tap @ Jaya Grocer” facility, consumers can get fresh milk dispensed into glass bottles at the same price of RM7.90 per litre with only a one-time payment of RM3 per empty bottle. They can return the bottle at their next purchase in exchange for a newly-filled one.


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