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Mewah Group Selects Eka to Enhance Sustainability Reporting

Singapore-based Mewah Group, a global food and agri-business, has selected cloud-native solution provider Eka to enhance their ESG and sustainability performance in sync with its commitment to increase economic, environmental, and social resilience to ensure long-term sustainable success of the company.

Due to the complexity of data accumulated in silos across multiple systems and business units, many companies face difficulties when seeking to report their sustainability and ESG efforts. Mewah recognized its current set up did not provide them the integrations and automation necessary to manage their reporting requirements across multiple frameworks, leading to error prone and cumbersome manual efforts.

Mewah selected Eka’s cloud driven ESG and Sustainability solution given its ability to calculate and forecast scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in sync with SBTi guidelines, while tracking scope 3 emissions in real-time.

Danny Chua, Group Sustainability Team Lead, Mewah group, said, “We required an agile solution that helps us enhance our reports and provides us agility to keep up with the dynamic regulatory environment. We chose Eka’s Sustainability and ESG reporting solution as it lets us unify our data and automates critical reports that allows us to demonstrate our progress on our sustainability milestones.”

“Demonstrating sustainability status requires connecting data from all critical business units. This is where Eka’s superior solution architecture comes to play with its inherent strength in integrating data and automating redundant workflows, so businesses spend less time in manual efforts and focus on strategizing. With pre-built frameworks and sophisticated analytics, we are eliminating intimidation long associated with sustainability reporting and empowering customers to manage their sustainability requirements end-to-end,” said Shuchi Nijhawan, Chief Sustainability Officer, Eka Software Solutions.

Eka’s solution will let Mewah map and report data as per multiple frameworks including SGX, GRI and CDP, besides providing turnkey visualizations to view emission data by region, and insights to devise carbon offsetting strategies. As a member of United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), Eka also incorporates key principles into its business practices, with the objective of further accelerating sustainability for all stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners and vendors.


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