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MeaTech Group To Hold Several Tasting Events at Key European Food Trade Shows

Building on its recent announcement of cultivating over 700 grams of pure chicken fat biomass in a single production run, MeaTech 3D Ltd., a technology company developing a suite of advanced manufacturing technologies for cultivated meat production, today announced that it will hold several selective in-person tasting events featuring its hybrid meat products across Europe during October 2021.

MeaTech believes hybrid products containing real cultured animal fats combined with plant-based ingredients can offer consumers an enhanced, ‘meatier’ experience than wholly plant-based meat products, representing a significant improvement in what currently exists in the alternative meat market. MeaTech believes hybrid products will provide initial revenue streams while the Company develops and scales an industrial process for achieving its vision of offering pure cultivated meat products.

MeaTech hybrid meat products will be presented at the following events:

  1. Anuga Global Trade Fair for the Food and Beverage Industry (Cologne, Germany) – October 11, 2021, the largest food and beverage fair in Europe.
  2. New Food Conference (Cologne, Germany) – October 11, 2021, Europe’s largest alternative protein conference.
  3. EIT Food Annual Partner Event and Venture Summit (Malaga, Spain) – October 19, 2021. EIT Food is Europe’s leading food innovation initiative.

MeaTech regrets that virtual participants will be unable to participate in the taste testing.


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