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LikeMeat Launches Innovative, Plant-Based Chick’n Wings

Did you know 1.4 billion chicken wings were eaten during Superbowl 2020? If you laid that number of wings out end to end, they would circle the globe 3 times! Not to state the obvious, but that’s 700 million chickens. For just one day.

Now there’s a way to love wings and leave the bird. LikeMeat, a LIVEKINDLY Collective brand, has cracked the chick’n wing code with the launch of its newest plant-based meat offering, Like Chick’n Wings. Today, they arrive nationwide in Sprouts, just in time for peak gameday party season.

Like Chick’n Wings are the plant-based spin on America’s favorite party food. With a perfectly crispy coating and a juicy, bone-free, meaty texture, these wings are sure to score a touchdown at every football watch party. Each pack of mouth-watering Like Chick’n Wings includes a pouch of vegan buffalo sauce so you can toss, sauce and dip to your heart’s content, while staying 100% plant-based. A wing-wing situation!

“Football season is prime time for wing eating and game watching with friends,” says Emily Klooster, VP of Marketing for LikeMeat. “And while not all of us will know the spread between the Pats and the Packers, everyone can get excited about the snack spread. Like Chick’n Wings are delicious, gameday-worthy, plant-based wings that everyone at the party can enjoy. This launch is iconic, not just for LikeMeat, but for the whole category. We’re the only brand making plant-based wings with a taste and texture guaranteed to leave even the biggest meat-loving sports fan craving more.”

Gluten-free, certified plant-based and made with non-GMO ingredients, Like Chick’n Wings are now available in a Family Pack for $16.99 in the freezer aisle at Sprouts. Like Chick’n Wings will be available in additional pack sizes in January 2022 at major retailers nationwide.


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