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KedaiSayur Scores Series A Funding, Led by Kejora-SBI Orbit to Accelerate Growth Towards Profitability

Agritech startup KedaiSayur announced its Series A funding, led by Kejora-SBI Orbit to accelerate growth and build a strong farm-to-table infrastructure.

This round of financing is also followed by previous investors Triputra Group and a few other strategic investors.

“We’d like to say thank you to all investors for supporting our journey in improving the effectiveness of Indonesia’s agriculture supply chain. Through this Series A funding, we hope to accelerate the growth of KedaiSayur in building a strong supply chain infrastructure for farmers and deliver better products to customers through technology,” said Adrian Hernanto – CEO of KedaiSayur.

KedaiSayur reportedly experienced 5 times growth in the last 12 months – serving more than 100,000 customers and businesses. This growth is catalyzed by a robust strategy in consolidating farmers’ supply chains.

“Agriculture in Indonesia is a big market that will be massively boosted by technology. For this to happen, we will need a strong supply chain infrastructure. We believe that KedaiSayur has the right ecosystem to build this farm-to-table network for fresh produce and groceries in Indonesia”, added Billy Boen as Fund Director of Kejora-SBI Orbit Fund.

KedaiSayur is also supported by Triputra Group – one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia. The conglomerate also has ample experience in the agricultural sectors – most notably through its subsidiary Triputra Agro Persada which focuses on the development of agriculture technology and Sumber Energi Pangan which focuses on producing food supplies.

The CFO of Triputra Group, Erida Gunawan also added, “KedaiSayur’s commitment in increasing the effectiveness of farmer’s supply chain will be beneficial for customers and farmers alike. Both Triputra Group and Kejora-SBI Orbit will give our full-support to strengthen KedaiSayur’s position and growth in the market.”

KedaiSayur has 3 main products: KedaiMart (B2C online grocery), KedaiBiz (B2B food supplies), and KedaiVenture (supply chain and farmers management). KedaiSayur will use this funding to fasten its collaboration with upstream farmers and suppliers. They hope to improve the quality of product and services of these farmers.


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