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KARANA’s Meat Made From Jackfruit Launches in the U.S. Starting with Multiple San Francisco Restaurant Locations

KARANA, a leading Singapore based food tech startup, which in the last year has expanded into two countries, Singapore and Hong Kong, today announced it has partnered with San Francisco restaurants to launch its shockingly realistic meat made from jackfruit. This is the first time the company has been available on menus — ever — in the United States and marks the start of its entry into a major and massive market. The company has also established an office presence in San Mateo.

KARANA has established itself as the “triple threat” in the ever-more-crowded plant based meat space, combining taste, health, and biodiversity — a “step up” on sustainability. And as the competition grows, its unique characteristics truly make it shine. To date, it has developed a suite of meat products made from whole plants that feature its star ingredient, jackfruit, in a whole new way. With a proprietary process that captures the nutrients and natural meat-like qualities of the whole plant, it has created products that are not only an incredible dining moment for consumers, but also provide a wonderful culinary experience for chefs and home cooks alike. The company has a ground meat as well as a completely plant based version of a classic pork gyoza (potsticker) that will first be available for food service to chefs and restaurateurs in the Bay Area, followed by the Greater Los Angeles area.

“We’re extremely excited to be launching with such an amazing group of chefs and restaurants,” said KARANA co-founder, Dan Riegler. He continued, “Our mission is to take ingredients like jackfruit that support soil health and farmers, and make them an incredible, diverse textural and flavor experience for use in the kitchen.

Added KARANA Co-founder Blair Crichton, “The original goal of the company was always to have people taste KARANA through chefs first. It’s the ultimate way to experience a new ingredient and in line with our goal of making every customer interaction with a KARANA product an incredible culinary experience.”


-Empress by Boon: Led by founder and executive chef, Ho Chee Boon, Empress will be featuring Karana in dumplings as part of its famed dim sum course on the set menu and will also be available as a small plate at the bar. Chef Boon is a Malaysia native, with over 36 years of experience in the culinary industry, and is excited to bring a plant from his home country to diners in his acclaimed establishment.
-Wildseed: The plant based darling from Adriano Paganini’s Back of the House Restaurant Group will be featuring Karana as a meaty topping on its ever-popular plant based pizzas from Chefs Alejandro Morgan and Michael Whiteman.
-Base Camp: The Nepalese staple founded by Suraksha Basnet who came to the US from Nepal in 2013 and has brought the flavors and dishes from her home country to thousands of happy diners in the Bay. The restaurant will feature KARANA in two new dishes on its menu, a jackfruit based version of its iconic pork momos, and in a new vegan curry.

Interested chefs and restaurant partners can contact: for more information and to arrange for samples. Karana jackfruit meat products are gaining traction not only for their nutritional benefits (featuring just eight simple, clean ingredients), but also due to the unique factors of being vegan, soy, and gluten free, low in cholesterol, high in fiber, and minimally processed. Additionally, Karana products are naturally free from artificial colors and flavors while also being GMO free. Chefs have also raved over the products’ versatility and ability to “pick up” flavors and sauces like real meat. And while KARANA has been readily adopted by the Asian market, it is excited to now carry its momentum to an eager American audience. KARANA will also be launching a CPG gyoza in the APAC region later this spring.


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