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Jenong S&T Specialising in Providing of Korean Root Crops, Launches New Seeds

Jenong S&T, a company for Korean vegetable cultivation specializing in seed development and sale, has recently released its exclusively developed seeds to the market.

The information of those new seeds are followed:
1. Watermelon (Donggrami)
It is a circular type of watermelon which is suitable for a suppression type, with a weight of 5-to-6-kilogram on average.

2. Pepper (SS1801)
It is a Cayenne pepper developed for overseas export, a 26–28 cm summer cultivation type with excellent texture.

3. Radish
i) RA-1825
It is a radish seed with medium-to-late maturity, root color of white, 33-38 cm long, and weight of 0.9 to 1.0 kg.

ii) RA-1940
It is a radish seed with medium-to-late maturity, a length of 40–45 cm and a weight of 1.1–1.5 kg and a root color of white.

4. Onion
i) Ariarirang
Korean onion varieties for winter with medium-to-late maturity and has excellent hypertrophy and high production capacity. It is known for its strong foliage and hardness for good cultivation stability.

ii) Srirang
Winter organic onion crops with medium maturity (Relatively more round and harder). The initial shape is upright with excellent hypertrophy and high production capacity.

Jenong S&T has long been leading the new seed research and development based on its accumulated technology and various experience since it was established in 1968 in Jeju Island, primarily dedicated to agricultural development.

Jenong S&T has continuously expanded their research pool while investing in crop development including onion, Korean watermelon seeds, and growing summer radishes, etc. Not only did the company cultivate varieties of seeds, but it also distributed new seeds in both domestic and global markets.

Furthermore, Jenong S&T contributes to the competitiveness of Korean onion seeds, taking about 20% share in the onion seed market which mostly consists of Japanese-made products.

Last but not least, the company has successfully led drastic reductions in farming and maintenance costs for farmers. Developing dried foods with Jeju Island’s local Tangerine, radish, cucumber has also brought added value and improved the brand values of the overall Korean farming industry.

Tae Hyung Kim, CEO of Jenong S&T, said “We have launched new seeds from our line-up including watermelon and pepper this year. We would appreciate it if the market and the customer could pay attention to our movement with researchers’ constant passion towards research and development.”


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