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Inaugural Saudi International Halal Expo 2022 Launches Media Partnership With Food Matters Malaysia

Saudi International Halal Expo 2022 – a first of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – is set to take place from 7 to 9 November 2022 at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center (RICEC). It aims to be the key platform to highlight the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the global Halal market exploring areas of regulatory, innovation and research and development.

The Expo aims to expand awareness of the Halal industry potential by attracting major international bodies to share their latest innovations, attract global Muslim and non-Muslim professionals to establish business opportunities and to promote ethical and fair values in business transactions, thus transcending religions.

Organizer 1st Arabia Tradeshows & Conferences expects to attract 10,000 visitors from 35 countries and more than 200 exhibitors from local and international organizations. It plans to host the Expo annually and to highlight the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the main hub for all of Halal industry’s buyers and sellers network.

Saudi International Halal Expo 2022 and Food Matters Malaysia have entered into a media partnership to promote this Expo in its inaugural edition.

Mr. Bilal Al Barmawi, CEO & Managing Director of 1st Arabia Tradeshows & Conferences highlighted that “We welcome all professionals in the Halal industry worldwide to meet, network and to share experiences in the Saudi International Halal Expo 2022, and we humbly offer this opportunity to all the international companies and organizations to gain a greater exposure in the Muslim hub and the fast growing consumer market of Saudi Arabia”.

“We believe that the support of local and international partners in the Halal and Food & Beverage industries are very important to us and will be of great value to the Saudi International Halal Expo 2022. The success of this first edition relies on the strengths of all of our partners”, added Al Barmawi.

“Food Matters Malaysia is grateful to partner Saudi International Halal Expo 2022 in its inaugural edition. We hope to raise awareness of this Expo to our readers across Southeast Asia“, said Iskandar Shahril of Stella Luna, managing the international business development of Food Matters Malaysia.

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