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Go ‘Coco Xtreme’ as never-before with MILO in Tealive

Chocolate lovers are in for an “extreme cocoa” treat when Tealive, Southeast Asia’s leading lifestyle tea brand, pairs up with Malaysia’s top chocolate malt beverage MILO.

In a first-ever tie-up with MILO, Tealive now offers an exclusive range of “Coco Xtreme” drinks that will satisfy the cravings of every chocolate lover – delicious balance of MILO’s unique choco-malty flavour and Tealive’s Bang Bang or smoothies with toppings.

In announcing this collaboration, Loob Holding Sdn Bhd founder and CEO Bryan Loo said this was yet another breakthrough for Tealive and fulfilling its brand promise of “Always More Than Tea”.

“We’re happy that Tealive is now collaborating with MILO, Malaysia’s most-loved chocolate malt beverage, to offer a lifestyle drink that excites the palates of our customers,” he said.

Loo noted that this was the second team-up with Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company, after having worked with KITKAT last year which saw tremendous response from consumers to the extent that stocks snapped up in record time.

He expressed his appreciation to the Nestlé Professional team for their close cooperation and support. “We hope Tealive lovers will once again create history by enjoying this COCO XTREME with MILO lifestyle drink series in record numbers.” 

“This limited time offer gives them the best of both worlds – the uplifting refreshing taste of Tealive’s Bang Bang or smoothies with toppings coupled with the delicious goodness of MILO to release their energy to go further!” he quipped.

The COCO XTREME with MILO series gives a new twist to MILO’s popular choco-malty powder in the form of a special MILO lava. Three new drinks launched yesterday are Signature Crunchie Smoothie with MILO and Pearls, Bang Bang with MILO and Pearls, and Matcha Crunchie Smoothie with MILO and Pudding. 

Business Executive Officer of Nestlé Professional, Malaysia & Singapore, Ms Yit Woon Lai, welcomed this collaboration as it gave MILO lovers a “COCO XTREME” experience featuring MILO’s unique chocolatey goodness.

“Malaysians often enjoy MILO at home either in the form of a quick energy-giving drink or paired with nutritious foods. At the shops, it is often in a drink and sometimes topped up with our chocolatey malt powder in MILO® Dinosaur.

“With this collaboration, we’re happy to see our customers enjoying it in a lifestyle setting,” she said, highlighting how marvellous it was to infuse MILO with the natural goodness of malt barley, milk and cocoa into Tealive’s Bang Bang or smoothies with toppings.

“Thanks to this team-up, it gives our customers a unique way of enjoying their two favourites, plus providing them the energy to go further,” she quipped.


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