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Fieldseas’ Wagyu Beef Singapore Launches “Best of Miyazaki” Event

Fieldseas Company, a supplier of high-quality and safest food products from accredited farms in Japan, is launching its Best of Miyazaki fair in partnership with the Miyazaki Prefectural Government to put a spotlight on the region’s premium produce.

Starting December 3rd until 11th, Fieldseas will be offering special deals on its finest Miyazaki selections, among which are fresh premium Unagi and premium A5-grade Miyazaki Wagyu, the winner of this year’s Prime Minister Award in the National Competition Exhibition of Wagyu.

Fieldseas will also collaborate with four Japanese restaurants in Singapore to add special dishes to their menu featuring Fieldseas’ premium products. SAKEMARU Artisan Sake Hideout on 55 South Bridge Road, Nishikane Singapore on 10 Stanley Street, TOWA Singapore on 45 Hong Kong Street and 59 Hutong Yakiniku in 35 Boat Quay will participate in this collaboration.

During the coronavirus outbreak, Wilfred Leong, owner of Fieldseas, saw sales of the wagyu online business increase tremendously to meet the volume needed to import wagyu and pork from Japan directly. Leong also wanted to preserve the authenticity of the meat cuts, and hired a Master Butcher who won the 2019 Butchery Championship. Customers can be assured that Fieldseas meats are cut with the least amount of wastage and trimmings, and meet the standards and quality of a Japanese butcher.

The Fieldseas shop in Toa Payoh features the first temperature-controlled cutting room in a retail space. It stays at 12-degree Celsius, the optimal temperature for handling wagyu. The space has a viewing gallery that allows customers to see their Master Butcher at work. Custom cuts can also be requested at the shop.


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