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FeedWerkz Forays into Insect-Based Pet Food Through Conscious Creatures

Singaporean insect farming technology startup FeedWerkz is launching our fully-integrated pet food product range under the brand Conscious Creatures (“CC”).

CC offers highly palatable, nutritious and sustainable dog treats to environmentally conscious pet owners. The products are scientifically formulated by expert pet nutritionists and use sustainably farmed insects as the primary ingredient. Piloting in Australia and Singapore in March, CC will be available in multiple other markets by 2023.

“CC products use high quality and sustainable insect protein in place of animal protein in dog treats and are great for both pets and planet. All our formulations are nutritionally complete, highly palatable and offer multiple functional benefits too,” said Mitali Poovayya, Co-Founder of FeedWerkz.

FeedWerkz’s insect operations are located in Indonesia and use residues from palm oil mills and plantations to rear the Black Soldier Fly insect.

“Greenhouse gas emissions from pet food production are estimated to be as high as those of large countries. Not only are we offsetting the use of animal meat in the pet food industry, we are also making palm oil mills zero waste. This is circular economy in action! Our products meet both EU and American standards for use of insects in animal feed,” added Paula Huerta Andres from the FeedWerkz team.

FeedWerkz has partnered with PT Golden Oilindo Nusantara, a boutique palm oil company in Sumatra, Indonesia for their first facility.

“This partnership with FeedWerkz represents an important step in our transformation into a carbon positive business. We want to demonstrate through this project that producing affordable edible oil for people need not damage the environment,” said Decardo Saiful, Managing Director of Golden Oilindo.

FeedWerkz has an ambitious plan to work with palm oil mills in Indonesia, Malaysia and India. To achieve scale, consolidate operations and diffuse knowledge seamlessly, FeedWerkz has decided to merge with our sister startup, INSECTIFII India with immediate effect and kickstart our seed funding effort.

“We have spent many months developing our farming stack by formulating recipe blends, standardizing hatching and rearing protocols and perfecting our rendering techniques. We are well poised to scale this business by building a distributed network of connected insect farms around the region,” said Yuvita Rakhman, Co-Founder of FeedWerkz.

FeedWerkz and INSECTIFII are portfolio startups of RENERGII, a Singaporean venture studio founded by Shiva Susarla.


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