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The Global Food Security & Sustainability Virtual Summit 17 September 2021

The Global food system is at a critical stage and made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. As many as 265 million people are threatened by famine, up 50% on last year; 700 million suffer from chronic hunger; and 2 billion more from malnutrition, with obesity and associated diet-related diseases increasing in all world regions. During the height of the pandemic with lockdowns, we have witnessed the collapse of the global food system with reports of food producers resorting to dumping their produce. The food crisis faced during the pandemic is a wakeup call for both developed and developing countries of the looming crisis facing the world when the next major crisis hits us, be it climate change, pandemics etc.

Although the world has progressed significantly in terms technology advancements in food production, food is not distributed in an equitable manner to regions, countries, households and individuals. Government policies, availability of investments and technological knowhow and improved access to food supplies are key issues meet the urgent food needs of the world’s growing population. New and innovative farming technologies such as high-tech agriculture and aquaculture methods that produce more yields inland and urban conditions offer hope for the future.

The Global Food Security & Sustainability Virtual Summit 2021 held on the 26 to 27 August 2021, would be one of the most important events ever held to address the critical issues of food security from the local level to the global level, and from an interdisciplinary and systemic food systems perspective. The summit will invite multi stakeholders from governmental organisations, private sector businesses and NGOs to address the current disruptions and possible solutions on the world food supply chain. Discussions will also include issues surrounding sustainability issues and how societies and businesses can design more sustainable solutions in their entire food chain to minimize impact to the environment and reduce food waste.

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General Issues
-Food security And The Sustainable Development Goals- Addressing Food Security, Improved Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture By 2030.
-World Food Supply Chain: Disruptions And Implications From Covid-19.
-COVID-19 Has Caused Food Insecurity To Worsen, But Will Climate Change Be Much Worse?
-Creating A Sustainable & Inclusive Food System.
-Critical Actions To Redesign The Future Of Food In 2021.
-The Importance Of Revaluing Food And Food System Workers.
-How To Incentivise Food Systems To Meet The Realities Of The 21st Century.
-Strengthening Sector Policies For Better Food Security And Nutrition Results.
-Food Laws And Regulations: Improving Efficiency And Transparency In Food Safety Systems.

The Role of Technology
-Artificial Intelligence For Food Security – Robotics, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Information
-Security And Engineering For Farms Of The Future.
-Creating A World Food Chain Monitoring System – A Much Needed Solution?
-Refocusing Agri-Food Tech To Solve Today’s Critical Problems – The Task Of Feeding 10 billion People By 2050 Sustainably, Affordably And Nutritionally.
-The Impact of Data- Driven Technologies In Food Systems – The Use Of Technology To Produce And Conserve Nutritious Food, Improve Food Quality And Supply.
-Agriculture sector: Preparing For Disruption In The Food Value Chain.
-Is Urban Farming A Viable Solution To Assuring Food Security In Asia?
-Food Supply Chain Optimization And Value Creation Through Digital And Analytical Technologies.

Reducing Food Waste
-Food Security And Waste: Lessons From The Pandemic.
-Reducing Food Waste Across The Supply Chain: From Retailers To Consumers. Preventing Food Surplus. -New Models Of Redistribution. Tools To Measure And Monitor Waste.

Financing For Food Security
-Financing The Future of Food – Financing Sustainable Food Technologies: Accelerating The Adoption Of A Sustainable Food System. Scaling-Up Start-Ups Offering Disruptive Food Technologies.

Food Security & Sustainability
-Policies Supporting Sustainable And Local Food Systems.
-Sustainability And Agriculture- How Do We Increase Food Production Whilst Preserving The Environment?
-How Can Farming Remain Environmentally And Economically Sustainable?
Assessing Threats To Food Security And Sustainable Agriculture.
Sustainable Food Transportation – Towards Lower Emissions.

Cold Chain & Logistics
-Improving Cold Chain Logistics To Safeguard Food Security.
-Food Logistics (Cold Chain): Setting The Standard For Cold Chain.
-Sustainability Logistics In The Agri-Food Supply Chain Today And The Future.

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Sep 17 2021


9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: Asia/Singapore
  • Date: Sep 17 2021
  • Time: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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