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Enjoy Your ‘Celebrity’ Tealive Combos And Help 4 Charities

Tealive customers often break their fast during Ramadan with their favourite drinks and snacks but this year, they have an added reason for doing so – four NGOs will get a total of RM25,000 under a unique charity bazaar concept.

Called the Bang Bang Bazaar Ramadan, the campaign sees four social media celebrities “selling” a chosen combo set of RM16 each and part of the proceeds will go to a designated charity.

The faces of the bazaar are Tealive’s newly-announced CEO (Chief Espresso Officer), Fikry Ibrahim, famous TikToker Imran Bard, British TV presenter and YouTuber Mark O’Dea, and upcoming actor and model, Mierul Aiman.

The four beneficiaries are:

  • Persatuan Kebajikan Anak Kepada Pesakit HIV/AIDS Nurul Iman Malaysia (PERNIM) – Caring for children diagnosed with HIV/AIDS
  • Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia – Making efforts to reduce food waste while addressing the issue of increasing cost of living, especially the poor or the B40
  • Yayasan Budi Ihsan Malaysia (YBIM) – Caring for the poor and the families of asnaf (poor and marginalised people deserving of zakat) regardless of race, religion and skin colour
  • Malaysian Down Syndrome Association – Looking after the well-being of individuals with Down Syndrome and their families throughout Malaysia.

Loob Holding Sdn Bhd Chief Marketing and Digital Officer Ng Yau Chuan said this was one way that Tealive as a brand that cares about Malaysia and Malaysian society could give back to society.

Speaking at the launch of Bang Bang Bazaar Ramadan today, Ng said the beneficiaries were all deserving charitable organisations benefiting a cross section of society.

“We would like to inculcate a spirit of caring for others among the young, many of whom are our customers. We are partnering these social media influencers whose fans are also young people so it makes sense for us to work together for a common good,” he said.

Each of them will represent one combo linked to one charity and total sales of the combos will be tabulated. Each charity would receive RM5,000 and the charity linked to the top-selling combo will get RM10,000.

Bang Bang Bazaar Ramadan runs from Mar 15 until Apr 30 and will comprise:

  • Combo Fikry: 2 coffees for RM16 under Fikry Ibrahim for YBIM
  • Combo Imran: 1 drink and 1 Snacks (Popcorn Chicken / Chicken Roll) for RM16 under Imran Bard for Yayasan Food Bank
  • Combo Mark: 2 New Sunquick drinks for RM16 under Mark O’Dea for Malaysian Down Syndrome Association
  • Combo Mierul: 2 Bang Bang drinks for RM16 under Mierul Aiman for PERNIM

“We owe our success as a brand born in Malaysia and raised for the world to all our loyal and supportive customers. We hope this campaign will go in some ways to alleviate the burden of these organisations.

“On this note, we’re also appreciative of our four celebrity partners who have been so forthcoming and enthusiastic,” Ng added.



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