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“Ehime Fair” to Be Held at Yumaowu Supermarket in Taiwan’s Taichung on Dec 2-4

Ehime Prefecture is set to hold a food fair at the Yumaowu high-end supermarket in Taichung City, Taiwan, from Dec. 2 (Friday) through Dec. 4 (Sunday), 2022, to sell plenty of its local foods.

At the upcoming Ehime Fair, fresh and seasonal “Unshu Mikan” mandarin oranges, “Ehime Akane Wagyu” beef, processed foods using ingredients raised in Ehime Prefecture, and so on will go on sale. This year’s Unshu Mikan has a well-balanced taste with high levels of sugar content and acidity made possible by high summer temperatures. “Ehime Akane Wagyu” is high-quality, healthy, and easy-to-eat beef consisting of lean meat and fat in the right equilibrium as a result of feeding Black Wagyu with linseed oil and citrus that are Ehime specialties. Apart from such perishable goods, there will be a wide variety of products such as citrus juice, Japanese “sake” rice wine, and processed foods using locally-produced ingredients.

The fair will provide a precious opportunity to buy a variety of food products from Ehime, including perishable goods, amid difficulties to visit Japan due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the Ehime Fair held every year before the mid-autumn festival, customers have bought many food products such as mandarin oranges harvested in greenhouses, Japanese sake, and Ehime Akane Wagyu. The upcoming fair will showcase new products such as Unshu Mikan, seasoning salt using citrus, and so forth. The previous fairs did not handle Unshu Mikan in early December, but citrus fruits will be available this year.

Yumaowu, the food fair host, is a store certified as an overseas version of the “Ehime Food Embassy” system. The “embassy” is designed to certify restaurants and sales outlets that are actively handling agricultural, forestry, and fishery products made by Ehime’s rich natural environment and producers’ devotion. There are 61 certified shops in Japan and 7 stores abroad. Yumaowu is providing the Taiwanese market with Japanese high-quality, safe, and secure products, including food items with no artificial additives and those that can be produced only in specific locations, in collaboration with dedicated producers and regional administrations in various parts of Japan.

Currently, Ehime Prefecture is implementing various measures to promote the export of products made in the prefecture. Because Taiwan has different standards for residual agricultural chemicals from its Japanese counterparts, special cultivation methods are required to export acceptable products to Taiwan. Ehime is promoting the export of agricultural and other products by supporting producers in meeting Taiwanese standards. At the same time, Ehime is striving to enhance recognition of itself and its products in Taiwan through digital technology-based publicity and promotional activities there.


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