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Eat Beyond Portfolio Company Nabati Foods Expands Distribution in Asia and the U.S.

Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc., an investment issuer focused on the global plant-based and alternative protein sector, is announcing that its portfolio company Nabati Foods has signed several new contracts to expand distribution of its products throughout Asia and the United States.

  • Nanum Foods, a distributor based in South Korea has signed on to distribute Nabati Plant Eggz™ and dairy-free cheesecakes under the brand ITABAN in Vietnam and South Korea
  • IMCD Japan has signed on to distribute Nabati Foods’ full product line throughout Japan under the ITABAN brand via foodservice, grocery, and industrial channels
  • has now listed Nabati Foods’ dairy-free cheesecakes and Nabati Plant Eggz™ for sale throughout the United States (chocolate, blueberry, and peanut butter flavors)
  • GTFO It’s Vegan, a leading eCommerce retailer has now listed Nabati Cheeze Shreds, Nabati Plant Eggz™, and Nabati Foods’ plant-based Chick’n and F’sh Burgers on its platform
  • KeHE, a major natural organic grocery distributor, will begin distributing Nabati Cheese™ to retail stores in October throughout the U.S. It currently distributes Nabati’s four dairy-free cheesecake flavors to 433 stores
  • Satau-Tazé, a trusted supplier to health food and grocery stores in Québec will distribute Nabati Plant Eggz in Québec.

“Nabati Foods has seen tremendous growth and is on track to continue on its impressive trajectory. The brand appeals to the growing global demand for healthy, plant-based food products made with simple, clean ingredients,” said Michael Aucoin, CEO of Eat Beyond, “We are delighted to see demand being established for Nabati Foods’ products not only in North America but on a global scale. The Nabati team has been scaling up its manufacturing infrastructure alongside its growing distribution. Eat Beyond looks forward to continuing to support Nabati Foods on this exciting journey.”

Nabati Foods has diversified its revenue streams across grocery, foodservice, industrial, and eCommerce distribution channels. All Nabati Foods products are kosher, vegan, egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and made without GMOs or refined sugar.


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