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CP Foods Gears to More “Eco-Friendly” Products to Achieve Green Business Model

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) has pivoted towards low-carbon product development with 790 items certified with carbon footprint label that has helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.418 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Ms.Kularb Kimsri, vice president of CP Foods’ Global Standard System Centre, said that CP Foods places a great importance on food safety and nutrition. The company strives to be more environmentally friendly at all stages from farm to fork. The effort is a part of the company’s “green business” model to raise positive impacts to the environment and to ensure the balance of nature. Moreover, the company will also use more renewable energy in food production process in order to reduce greenhouse gas emission, a key driver of climate change.

In 2020, more than 790 products by CP Foods received the carbon footprint label and carbon footprint reduction label, helping the company to cut greenhouse gas emissions by a total of 1.418 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. The improvement is due to newly developed products such as tomato sauce, chilli sauce, fresh pork, broiler chicken feed, piglet and fattening feed, etc.

“Developing low-carbon products is the company’s roadmap to strive forward its goal through our “Green Business Model”. Last year, CP Foods’ green revenue accounted for 32% of our total revenue. The company continues to research and develop eco-friendly products in a bid to reduce the impact of global climate change,” said Miss Kularb.

Besides, CP Foods has created innovative eco-friendly swine and layer feeds that can reduce excess nitrogen in pig manure by 20-30% and chicken manure by 12-13%, respectively. These feeds have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 72,500 tons carbon dioxide equivalent.

Miss Kularb added that the company has engrained the ‘Circular Economy’ principle into its business practices to ensure the efficient utilisation of resources throughout the value chain as well as reducing food loss and food waste. This will help CP Foods to achieve its goals of zero waste to landfill and being a low-carbon organisation by 2030.

CP Foods also targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy optimisation by 25% in 2025, compared with the base year 2015. It has been set up in accordance with its goal to create food security and sufficiency for ‘People’ while alleviate environmental impacts of the planet and generate profit to the company from the growth of low-carbon innovation. This is to ensure sustainability of the economy, society and environment in the long run.


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