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Controlled Atmosphere Packaging (CAP) Film Made Using K-Resin DK11 for Better Fruit and Vegetable Preservation

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, has today announced its K-Resin® DK11 to be the material of choice for controlled atmosphere packaging (CAP) film applications.

K-Resin DK11 had proven to be the ideal material for Chinese banana farmers who had been looking for a suitable packaging solution that enabled controlled ripening of bananas during transportation from Yunnan to other coastal regions in China.

The ideal packaging solution is expected to preserve the freshness, colour and integrity of the fruit. In addition, it is required to allow the fruit to organically ripen, without the use of preservatives or ripener during transportation.

K-Resin DK11 is easily processed to give tough, high clarity film. It combines good thermal stability with high gas permeability, making it the ideal material of choice for CAP film packaging for fruits and vegetables, while extending their shelf life.

“We are extremely pleased with the performance of the CAP film produced using our K-Resin DK11. The excellent gas permeability of this film allows for the organic ripening of the bananas, while preserving the shelf life of the fruit especially during long cross-city state journeys,” comments Jary Liao, Director, Transparent Specialties, Asia-Pacific. “With the increasing tightening of plastic food contact safety compliance regulations both in China and globally, INEOS Styrolution continues to renew, improve and differentiate our portfolio and services to generate further value, ensuring fresh fruits and vegetables to the people in China and the rest of the world.”

K-Resin is INEOS Styrolution’s crystal-clear thermoplastic styrene-butadiene copolymer (SBC) and is known for its unique blend of sparkling clarity, impact toughness, stiffness, and exceptional gloss. With international food contact regulations compliance, our K-Resin range is an excellent material choice for applications requiring food-contact compliance. It has been used in a wide variety of applications ranging from packaging and toys to medical components and displays for over 40 years.

INEOS Styrolution’s range of crystal-clear thermoplastic SBC, namely K-Resin, Styrolux® and Styroflex®, offers an impressive combination of high transparency, brilliance and impact resistance making them suitable for use in applications across various industries including healthcare, packaging, and toys.


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