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ConnectedCooking Launched by RATIONAL: This is How Professional Kitchens Develop their Full Potential

What was already tentatively on the horizon before the pandemic has taken off due to various lockdowns: digitalisation in the commercial kitchen. What has been standard for a long time in merchandise management and cash register systems now also plays a significant role in hygiene, recipe and equipment management, according to the assessment by Theresa Felchner, Head of Product Management ConnectedCooking at RATIONAL. Recommendation: “Simply register RATIONAL cooking systems in ConnectedCooking and immediately benefit from completely new possibilities in the commercial kitchen.”

ConnectedCooking enables digital access to RATIONAL cooking systems via smartphone, tablet and PC and thus, for example, digital management of cooking programs, automatic updating of the unit software and documentation of HACCP data. “Many of our customers are amazed at how much easier digitalisation makes everyday kitchen life and what their cooking systems can do,” Felchner says.

Among other things, workflows can be significantly simplified by, for example, creating the recipe and cooking programs, automatically distributing software updates to all integrated RATIONAL units and also displaying cooking programs on all units with just one click. For example, the same dishes can be produced in identical quality across several branches. “Equipment is used optimally and downtimes are reduced to a minimum. This saves a lot of time and money as a result,” explains Felchner. Another reason is ConnectedCooking: Everything is under control, for example, by automatically generating and archiving the HACCP data. Felchner’s recommendation: “Try out the possibilities of ConnectedCooking on your RATIONAL unit. Registration and use are free of charge for our customers.”


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