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CLO-CLO Vegan Foods Debuts New Plant-Based Shrimp Entrée Bowls

CLO-CLO™ Vegan Foods introduces new, plant-based shrimp entrée bowls and a mac & cheeze bowl as consumer demand for plant-based frozen entrée meals catapult.

CLO-CLO™ Vegan Foods sophisticated innovation has created revolutionary plant-based shrimp entrée bowls. The plant-based shrimp is based off the konjac Root which gives the shrimp the texture, look and taste of traditional shrimp. CLO-CLO Vegan Foods Chef Robert Velarde, an award-winning chef with 40 years of experience, created three delicious vegan inspired shrimp bowls and a mac & cheeze bowl. The vegan bowls run the global spectrum of wonderful tastes that will appeal to the most discerning vegan enthusiast.

“More than ever, today’s consumers are looking for plant-based seafood solutions that are packed with flavor and convenient; while being more conscious about the food they eat and products they buy”, said Vice President of CLO- CLO Vegan Foods, Wendy Hinnenkamp. “CLO-CLO™ is meeting this demand by offering new plant-based entrees that appeal to vegans by satisfying cravings of traditional seafood & texture, but also provides plant-based nutrition and goodness in an easy, ready-to-heat format.”

All four bowls are made without the top 8 allergens’ (dairy, egg, soy, shellfish, fish, peanuts, gluten & tree nuts) with zero cholesterol per serving.

The four new entrée bowls are available now in the frozen aisles at Sprouts Farmers Market Stores:

  • Hawaiian Inspired Shrimp Bowl
    Plant-based shrimp with red and green pepper over basmati rice in a teriyaki pineapple sauce
  • Red Curry Shrimp Bowl
    Plant-based shrimp and zucchini with basmati rice in a zesty Indian style red curry sauce
  • Shrimp Alfredo Bowl
    Plant-based shrimp with broccoli and gluten free pasta in a rich alfredo style sauce
  • Mac and Cheeze Bowl
    Red lentil shell pasta with a creamy “cheddar” cheeze sauce


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