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bettermoo(d), Bryan Adam’s-Backed Dairy Alternative Company Announces Significant Milestones Along With Go Public Transaction

Bettermoo(d) Holdings Corp. (“bettermoo(d)”) is a privately held purpose driven plant-based dairy alternative company driven by the motto “What A Cow Eats and A Human Needs”. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, bettermoo(d) is committed to providing consumers with quality, organic, and sustainably sourced plant-based dairy alternatives, and being a leader in an environmentally conscious and vegan food revolution. The Company uses cutting edge new food technologies to actively develop an extensive alternative-to-dairy product line, and is pleased to announce numerous milestones, including a potential go public transaction.

bettermoo(d)’s mission is to create dairy alternative products that rival the flavor profile of the region with the best-tasting dairy in the world – the Alps regions of Switzerland, France, and Austria. As a result of many conversations with farmers in these countries, bettermoo(d) has concluded that, what cows eat and where they live greatly influences the taste of the dairy products they produce.

To emulate the great taste of milk from these regions, bettermoo(d) has been working with food scientists to create a plant-based dairy-alternative formulation for its inaugural product Moodrink to incorporate gluten-free organic oats and an undisclosed blend of herbs which in essence replicates what free-range pasture raised cows eat.

On October 13th bettermoo(d) announced Canadian Rock Legend Bryan Adams as a founding shareholder of the Company. Adams has been a Vegan for 30 years and believes strongly in plant-based eating habits that support sustainability and animals’ rights. bettermoo(d) specifically sought out to work with Adams due to their shared ethics and values of lessening animal cruelty and helping our environment. The globally renowned musician believes bettermoo(d)’s delicious dairy replacements will allow consumers to make responsible choices, more easily.

bettermoo(d) is also pleased to announce that as a result of the tireless efforts of its in-house and food scientists’ teams, the formulation of its inaugural dairy alternative product original flavour Moodrink has been finalized. bettermoo(d) has been actively engaged in market research, introducing various sample formulations of its ‘original’ flavour Moodrink product at various Vancouver cafes and coffeeshops, as well as providing product to interested individuals. The feed back received on the various formulations has resulted in the development of a final formulation that now fully encompasses the flavour and texture profile the Company set out to meet. Moodrink, is gluten, lactose and dairy free, and suitable for those who cannot or choose not to consume dairy products.

bettermoo(d) expects to launch original flavour Moodrink in winter 2021/ 2022, with additional flavours, such as vanilla, matcha, and chai to be launched soon after. The Company is also pleased to share that it has finalized its Moodrink packaging, incorporating an appealing and recognizable multicolored logo that will stand out to consumers.

The Company anticipates its Moodrink will be available in select retail stores across Canada and through an e-commerce platform for online shoppers.

Following a successful launch of its Moodrink line, bettermoo(d) intends to develop a full line of dairy alternative products that encompasses the full spectrum of traditional dairy products, including alternatives to butter, yogurt, cheese and créme fraiche. All of bettermoo(d)’s products will incorporate the Company’s proprietary blend of herbs and will also include plant-based proteins selected to complement the specific dairy-alternative product being formulated.

“We are incredibly encouraged by the increasing demand and positive feedback we are receiving as we move closer to our inaugural product release, and I am thrilled to continue to build our presence to broader audiences,” stated Nima Bahrami, the Company’s chief executive officer.

“There has never been a better time for vegan products to challenge conventional animal based food products than now. The internet has had a lot to do with the disruption on how we view animals, I’m honoured to be asked by bettermoo(d) to be part of this food revolution,” stated Canadian Rocker, Bryan Adams.

On October 15, 2021, bettermoo(d) signed a milestone agreement with Happy Supplements Inc., for a potential go public transaction that would result in the Company shares being listed on the Canadian securities exchange. Upon successful negotiations and mutual agreement, the Company is poised to complete the major transaction, whereby Happy Supplements would acquire all the outstanding share capital of bettermoo(d) for consideration of 9 million shares and 10 million warrants in Happy Supplements. This significant transaction would witness the bettermoo(d) brand becoming part of a publicly traded company and could avail the Company to a pool of capital and an investor base that could rapidly further the Company’s ambitions of becoming a plant-based dairy alternative market leader.


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