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APP’s Foopak Bio Natura Accelerates Global Plastic-Free Mission with New Flustix Certified “Plastic-Free” Paperboard for Food Packaging

Foopak Bio Natura, one of Indonesia-based Asia Pulp & Paper’s flagship brands and paperboard brand for food and beverage packaging, received plastic-free certification from Flustix, an international plastic-free certification body based in Germany. The certificate was awarded following a rigorous multitiered analytical testing.

Foopak Bio Natura’s paper products use certified natural wood sources without plastic polymer additions to combat the rising plastic pollution seen in the food and beverage industry.

Plastic Waste “Wasting Away”

With 300 million metric tons of plastic waste produced annually worldwide, Foopak Bio Natura has set sights to substitute single-use plastics and food packaging by ensuring their products are entirely recyclable and compostable at industrial composting facilities and consumer homes.

“Many consumers are unaware of the common practice of using plastic linings in food packaging, even in paper-based containers, which raises significant environmental and recycling concerns – especially as many recycling centers are not equipped with the technology to separate plastic from paper waste,” said Christopher Wong, Senior Vice President and Global Business Unit Head Industrial Paper.

According to the United Nations, globally, an estimated 9% of plastic waste is recycled and 79% end up at dumpsites and landfills, further worsening soil pollution. Manufacturers and government bodies have noticed these alarming statistics well and have been implementing policies and regulations to avoid a further snowball of plastic waste.

Rebuilding Societies

Work is already underway to solve these issues, with the European Commission’s new directive on single-use plastics and the Plastic Waste Reduction and Recycling Act, and recent bills introduced in the United States. Foopak Bio Natura hopes to be a partner to accelerate these missions.

“This certification helps us further reduce the environmental footprint of the F&B industry. Foopak Bio Natura firmly believes in creating a sustainable green supply chain without harmful effects on both consumers and the environment. Together with our partners, we look towards attaining sustainable and environment-friendly goals,” Christopher Wong added.

Foopak Bio Natura is playing an active role in assisting Indonesia’s Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment’s vision of reducing 70% of plastic waste by 2025 and net-zero by 2040 through its Sustainable Roadmap 2030; determined to be a responsible manufacturer and industry player.


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