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Angel Yeast’s New Food Ingredients Smart Factory Enters Operation

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd, a listed global yeast and yeast extract manufacturer, is opening a new factory of food ingredients. The factory – loaded with state-of-the-art facilities that enable automated operation and heightened quality control – offers enhanced productivity, and higher energy efficiency, with the first batch of products having rolled off its smart mixed production line.

As a global innovator in the production of yeast-based products and food ingredients, Angel has developed a variety of standardized and customized baking ingredients and solutions, including baker’s yeast, bread improvers, leavening agents, ready-mixed products, etc.

Angel’s smart factory is part of the Company’s latest effort to optimize its production process and upgrade its product offerings for customers worldwide. It will enable Angel to supply natural, greener and nutritious raw materials for baked foods and pastries. Angel has also ramped up investment to establish R&D hubs and technology centers for bakery products around the world, seeking new innovations to unlock more possibilities for the global food sector.

“Food ingredient sits at the forefront of our investment as one of Angel’s five major business focuses. The smart factory will further advance our manufacturing capability, and grant Angel “Industry 4.0″ expertise to drive new business models and boost quality, productivity and sustainability,” said Xiao Minghua, General Manager of Angel.

The factory features a packaging workshop equipped with the latest automated high-speed packaging machine capable of completing 65 packs per minute, drastically increasing the single-machine production capacity. Both destacking robots and railed guided vehicles can achieve fully autonomous operations, reducing the labor intensity while greatly driving efficiency and output. Powered by the smart manufacturing system (MES), production line distributed control system (DCS), and smart automated warehousing facilities, the factory digitalizes and automates the entire manufacturing process from the storage of raw materials to the packing, sealing and transportation of final products.

“Angel has cemented its leadership in China and beyond with its dry yeast business. Meanwhile, more than half of fermented foods in China use Angel’s yeast. Angel’s dough improvers enhance the quality of and prolong the shelf life of millions of tons of fermented food products each year, significantly reducing food waste. The Company has also set up a dedicated e-store where customers are able to purchase Angel’s high-quality food ingredients easily,” Xiao added.


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