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3M Introduces Scotch Anti-Bacterial Premium Kitchen Scissors and Scotch Detachable Titanium Kitchen Scissors that Prevent Cross-Contamination During Food Preparation

Global science company, 3M expands its kitchen scissors range with the launch of the Scotch™ Anti-Bacterial Premium Kitchen Scissors and Scotch™ Detachable Titanium Kitchen Scissors. Distinguished by three colours – red, green, and purple, for easy identification and prevention of cross-contamination, everybody can now prepare meals in a snap by using specific pairs of scissors that are used to snip vegetables and snap bones from cooked and raw meat.

Kitchen scissors are one of the most commonly found cooking equipment in the kitchen. Not only is it convenient, it is also multi-functional. However, many times, households use the same pair of kitchen scissors for everything which could often lead to spreading of bacteria which causes food contamination.

Snipping with the Scotch™ Detachable Titanium Kitchen Scissors, snapping through bones

Designed with food preparation hygiene in mind, the Scotch™ Detachable Titanium Kitchen Scissors is colour-coded in red and purple for raw and cooked food respectively. Its titanium coated blades enhances the strength of the scissors as titanium itself is four times stronger than stainless steel, allowing it to cut through bones like fish, chicken joints, and wings in a snap while retaining its sharpness.

The non-stick, oil repelling blades are also detachable for easy cleaning. This not only prevents bacteria breeding or build up in between blades, it also reduces the chance of food contamination. Moreover, the material of the blades prevents the scissors from rusting, making it a more durable piece in the kitchen.

A snap in the kitchen with a snip of the Scotch™ Anti-Bacterial Premium Kitchen Scissors

Unlike common stainless steel kitchen scissors in the market, the Scotch™ Anti-Bacterial Premium Kitchen Scissors which comes in green handles are treated with 3M’s electro-polishing process to enhance the ability of the stainless steel material to resist corrosion. This enables the scissors to be easily cleaned, thus reducing the risk of bacteria growth. Not only that, its soft comfort streamlined handle provides added comfort specially for those who spend most of their time in the kitchen.

Stephanie Ng, Shopper Marketer of 3M Malaysia, said “Living in an instant generation, many expect to get things done within a snap of a finger. However, in pursuit of staying safe and living a healthier life, many have spent long hours in the kitchen preparing meals and cleaning up after. At 3M, we believe that a job worth doing deserves the right tools. That is why we introduced the Scotch™ Anti-Bacterial Premium Kitchen Scissors and Scotch™ Detachable Titanium Kitchen Scissors.”

“As 3M seeks to improve lives daily, we hope to make meal preparations snappy and hassle free while keeping our users safe when it comes to their daily meals. With the three new scissors, we hope to encourage more households to use specific kitchen scissors for specific functions to prevent cross-contamination that could happen during food preparation. By having strong scissors that are able to snap vegetables, seafood, meat, or soft bones as alternatives to knives and chopping boards, we believe that the time spent in the kitchen would also reduce. This would allows users to spend more quality time with their loved ones especially during the upcoming festive season,” she added.

Available in supermarkets, specialty stores, and 3M’s Flagship Store on Lazada and 3M Malaysia’s Official Store on Shopee, the Scotch™ Anti-Bacterial Premium Kitchen Scissors and Scotch™ Detachable Titanium Kitchen Scissors retails at RM48.00 and RM61.20 respectively.


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