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2foods, a Plant-Based Food Brand Originated in Japan, and Kagome Team Up to Develop Plant-Based Eggs Made From Vegetables

A plant-based food brand “2foods” by TWO Inc. (TWO) has joined forces with Kagome Co., Ltd. (Kagome), a Japanese food manufacturing giant known for its tomato ketchup and vegetable juices, to launch their first collaborative product “2foods Plant-Based Omurice” on March 9th, 2022. The new product is made from plant-based eggs called “Ever Egg”, a joint-development between the two companies.

Omurice is a popular Japanese comfort food — a chicken and vegetable fried rice flavored with ketchup and wrapped in an omelet, often served with demi-glace sauce or ketchup on top. It is an example of Western-influenced Japanese cuisine that has fans of all ages from all over the world.

TWO and Kagome co-developed “Ever Egg” using vegetables such as carrots and cannellini beans, also known as white kidney beans, as the main ingredient instead of the more commonly used soybeans. By implementing a proprietary technology called “the vegetable semi-ripening method” (patent pending), “Ever Egg” is able to achieve the soft, fluffy texture similar to omelets made from real eggs. The demi-glace sauce and the chicken fried rice in “2foods Plant-Based Omurice” are also made entirely plant-based.

“2foods Plant-Based Omurice” will be available for pre-order on “Makuake” starting March 9th, 2022. Makuake is Japan’s top product launch platform where consumers come to pre-order and support the newest and most innovative creations. It is frequently used even by the largest corporations to introduce their new products to the market.

Through Makuake, TWO and Kagome aim to lead, and accelerate, the growth of the plant-based foods market in Japan. “2foods Plant-Based Omurice” will be offered as part of the menu at all six 2foods cafe/restaurant locations, and will be made available across more channels before the end of the year. The two companies will continue to work together in bringing innovative plant-based products to consumers around the world.

  • Product Development

The Plant-Based Foods Market in Japan

In recent years, the global plant-based foods market has expanded significantly due to a growing interest in environmental sustainability as well as vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. Its global market size is estimated to reach 18 trillion yen by 2030.

The Japanese market has almost quadrupled in the last ten years (it has grown 3.7 times its size since 2010) on its own, driven mostly by the health benefits of eating low-fat, low-calorie foods. Today, more consumers are choosing to eat plant-based foods as a way of practicing ethical consumption.

2foods: a Plant-Based Food Brand

2foods was created under the concept of “healthy junk food.” Although plant-based foods have received considerable attention over the last years, as one of three basic human desires, “what we eat” must taste good in order for it to truly become part of our lives. 2foods’ goal is to reinvent the taste of junk food — the kind of experience that stimulates all of our five senses — and provide a lineup of plant-based foods that are flavorful, yet healthy and ethical.

Business Alliance with Kagome

In April 2021, TWO, the company behind 2foods, agreed to form a business alliance with Kagome, a global manufacturer and distributor of condiments, foods, and beverages. Kagome boasts the highest market share in tomato ketchup, tomato juices, and fruit and vegetable mixed juice markets in Japan, and has a wide range of offerings from vegetable seeds to furniture and other everyday items.

Furthermore, in January 2022, Kagome invested in 2foods to strengthen the partnership between TWO and Kagome, and pursue product development that essentially promote a sustainable future and new lifestyles that incorporate plant-based foods.

“2foods Plant-Based Omurice” is the first of such collaboration.

  • Omurice with “Ever Egg”

“2foods Plant-Based Omurice” uses “Ever Egg,” plant-based egg product developed by TWO and Kagome. According to a report, dairy, meat, and eggs are expected to be the three major categories of alternative foods by 2030. Unlike dairy and meat, there are still very few products in the market that use plant-based eggs despite its market potential, and “Ever Egg” goes one step further in taking on this challenge by using vegetables such as carrots and cannellini beans as the main ingredient.

When producing plant-based alternative proteins (e.g. meat, eggs), soybeans are often used as the core component; however, it is difficult to eliminate the distinct smell and the dry and crumbly texture of soybeans. To overcome this problem, TWO and Kagome co-developed “the vegetable semi-ripening method” (patent pending), which allows plant-based eggs based on this technology to be able to recreate the soft, fluffy texture that was not possible before.

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Ever Egg (Plant-Based Egg)

After many trials and errors, “Ever Egg” was developed under “the vegetable semi-ripening method,” made from carrots, cannellini beans, and other vegetables to achieve the soft, fluffy texture of real eggs. A patent application has been filed for this zero-cholesterol product.

Plant-Based Chicken Fried Rice

“Plant-Based Chicken Rice” uses soy meat that has the meaty, fibrous texture and juiciness of real chicken. By marinating the soy meat with Kagome’s original recipe of vegetable-based seasoning and Worcestershire sauce, and cooking with super sweet corn, it achieves the perfect fried rice full of delicious aroma.

The following two types of sauces are available:

Plant-Based Demi-Glace Sauce

“Plant-Based Demi-Glace Sauce” is made with sauteed onions, red wine, soy butter, and vegetable-based seasoning to recreate the juiciness that comes from slow-cooked beef. Fried onion bits are added to enhance the aroma to further increase your appetite.

Plant-Based Tomato Ketchup

“Plant-Based Tomato Ketchup” takes advantage of Kagome’s specialty tomato puree, mixed with domestic cane sugar to bring out the sweetness of tomatoes. This ketchup containing sea salt made from Okinawa seawater makes a great companion to “2foods Plant-Based Omurice.”


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